Advantages of Hiring a Photo Booth With a Printer for Your Wedding


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hiring a photo booth with printer
hiring a photo booth with printer

"Say cheese!" These two simple words have the power to bring people together, capture precious moments and make memories that last a lifetime. And what better way to immortalize those special moments than by hiring a photo booth with a printer to produce prints for your wedding?

Not only does it add a thrilling entertainment aspect to your big day, but it also ensures that you and your guests can take home personalized mementos with stunning prints and photo strips of the occasion.

In this blog post, we'll explore the many advantages of hiring a photo booth with a printer for photo prints for your wedding - from providing entertainment for guests to the ability to do fast photo prints at a high volume and creating lasting keepsakes for you and your loved ones.

What is a photo booth printer?

A photo booth printer - also referred to as photo booth onsite photo printers - is a printer that uses dye-sublimation technology to print photo snaps at speed at events such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events.

The printed media available is similar to what you used to find at kiosks and printshops. The printer can print photos in a matter of seconds, and a range of print sizes are available.

Printer manufacturers like DNP and Hiti are top-rated for events as they are robust, reliable, and produce high-quality prints.

Print sizes range from 4x6 inches to as large as 6x8 inches. The photo sizes depend on what hire company you use, but the following sizes of 4x6 and 6x8 inches are popular for prints at a wedding.

How does a printer with a photo booth hire work?

Whichever photo booth you choose to hire for your wedding. Dye-sub printers will work with them all. The photo booth printer connects to the computer on which the photobooth software is installed.

The printers can connect wirelessly to the booth, but wired connections are generally more reliable and recommended, especially for weddings, with them being a one-time occasion.

All pictures taken at the booth can be printed instantly—no need to go through an extra process or collect from stores. Photo booth software supports direct photo printing, so all your guests do is press a button, and the booth will print there and then.

The print media is made of durable photo paper, and the images printed on them are clear and sharp. They can be used for photo albums, keyrings, or wall art.

Best Photo Booth to Hire for a Wedding

Now that you understand the photo printing process, you'll want to hire the best photo booth to facilitate photo printing.

Magic mirror

A magic mirror is one of the best booths for photo printing. The large screen lets you see prints in full effect so guests have a clear idea of how their snaps will look once printed. It's a quick and easy way to create prints, so everyone has a chance to use it.

Magic mirrors are ideal for uploading the best photos to a USB stick or memory card, or online for guests to download later in the evening.

Every print is uploaded to an online album each time, and users will see a QR code on the screen to access the album through their phone. You can even use your phone to select prints to print later on in the night.

Retro booth

There are many reasons why a retro booth is one of the best photo booths to hire for photo prints. Most of them come equipped with high-quality DSLR cameras that produce amazing-quality photos at the click of a button.

hiring a photo booth with a printer
hiring a photo booth with a printer

You'll likely have a booth assistant onsite with retro booth hire services to ensure that printing goes smoothly and there are no issues with the print media or anything else to do with the booth.

Selfie pod

A selfie pod is ideal if you're looking for a budget photo booth with photo printing for your wedding. They run with a more simplified format by utilising an iPad to take each photo print. Still, you print photos just as easily as on any other printer, as well as connect wirelessly to upload photos, which you can access online later and see all the photos taken during the night.

Selfie pods or magic selfie mirrors are also great for Instagram integration, as guests can share their photos on Instagram directly from the booth.

Advantages of Hiring a Photo Booth With a Printer

A photobooth just on its own is a must-have at wedding receptions, but you, your friends, and all the other wedding guests can have way more fun with printing included.

Great for keepsakes

We all have a phone and take photos every other day, so you may not see the value of a hiring photo booth as much as you could if you included photo prints with it. You can easily print your favourite photos and put them in an album or a picture book or create wall art with them.

Guests have something to take home

photo booth hire with a printer
photo booth hire with a printer

Further to keepsakes, your friends and family will have prints to take home, providing them with memories of your wedding day.

It's a talking point

Most couples planning a wedding want everyone to have a good time, and photo printing will arouse intrigue and give everyone something to discuss.

Can connect to phones

The amazing thing about most photo booth software is that guests can take photos and use their phones to print photos when they're ready.

You can include unlimited photo printing

Most photobooth hire companies that provide onsite photo printing services will include unlimited photo printing. So you and your guests can print your favourite photos all night long.

Can select photos to print later

No need to worry about printing photos as they're taken. You can come back to the booth at any time and print the best photos or your favourite photos that you took earlier.

Includes all types of print media

Photo prints can be done in various sizes as well as photo strips for cutouts to put in keepsakes like keychains.

Create decorations

A popular item to see at weddings today is photo walls. You can make prints to put on your own photo wall in the event venue, and your guests can get involved with it too.


Hiring a photo booth printer for your wedding can be an excellent way to ensure your day is extra special and memorable. Not only will it provide the perfect way to create memories on the night, but it will also give you and your guests something tangible to take home as a memento of the celebrations.

A photo booth with printer is almost as essential as the booth itself. There'd be no need to collect photo prints in-store, and you'll have the choice to print photos create your own art from any strip you print on the night.