3 benefits of hiring a magic mirror for your child's birthday party


Here are 3 benefits to choosing magic mirror hire for your child's benefit

Birthdays are a special time for kids. It’s a day of fun, laughter and making memories. But with all the planning involved in setting up the perfect party and ensuring that your child has an unforgettable experience, it can be overwhelming.

That’s why magic mirror hire can help make the event even more special. Not only will it bring smiles to everyone's faces, but it also provides other amazing benefits.

Let's look at 3 key benefits of hiring a magic mirror for your child’s birthday party.

They're fun to use

When it comes to making your child's birthday party a success, you can never go wrong with magic mirror photo booth hire. Not only will the kids love seeing themselves in the mirror, but they'll also enjoy the chance of creating memorable moments with it.

You may just be expecting them to take pictures with your magic mirror hire, but with a little bit of creativity, you can use the mirror to create cool short videos and boomerangs that they can share amongst their friends the days after.

Boosts their confidence

Hiring a magic mirror photo booth for your child's birthday party can do wonders for their confidence. For one, it gives them a chance to be the centre of attention and feel special on their big day. Additionally, it allows them to interact with other children and adults in a fun and positive way.

Seeing themselves in the mirror and having all of their friends and family jump in the picture with them while making people laugh is sure to boost any child's confidence.

Brings out their creative side

It may be odd to think you can bring out your child's creative side with magic mirror photo booth hire, but this is all due to the versatility of a magic mirror booth.

The photo booth uses intuitive software that allows kids to not only create amazing photos, gifs and boomerangs but also edit them directly on the photo booth in a number of ways.

The photo booth can be used to edit colours, add props or apply stylish effects. So, although the name is a magic mirror photo booth, you can expect to do much more than just take pictures with it.