5 Alternatives to Hiring a Wedding Photographer


Whether it's magic mirror hire or VR photography, there are many alternatives to hiring a wedding photographer. Here are 5 alternatives

viewing from vr headset
viewing from vr headset

Wedding photography has been around for nearly as long as art photography itself, and almost no wedding takes place without professional wedding photographers present. A wedding day is the most important day in the lives of many couples. It's an occasion that isn't just important to the bride and groom, but also to the family and close friends who want to see them happy.

Therefore, having something to remember the big day by makes all the difference for hundreds of thousands of brides and grooms to be. If you're planning a wedding and have already come across the best wedding photographers in your area, you may have already noticed that there are many alternatives to a wedding photographer if you prefer something different for alternative weddings or want good pictures taken on a limited budget.

Typical professional photographers you'll see at almost every wedding today are professional wedding photographers or videographers with digital cameras. Good wedding photographers and videographers will be able to capture all the special moments and interactions with your family, friends, and all other guests in attendance. They'll ensure all the photos taken at the ceremony and wedding party are of the highest quality.

Each and every photo taken by a good photographer is guaranteed to provide you with years of wonderful memories when you look back on them, which is more than enough reason to hire a professional photographer to do your wedding photography.

With today's photographic technology, however, we have the ability not only to take high-quality photos but also to produce wedding photography from another perspective than that of expert photographers or videographers with a good camera.

So in this article, we'll look at 5 alternatives to hiring a wedding photographer and provide wedding inspiration, ensuring your big day is something to remember.

VR Photography

Probably the most unique type of photography on this list. It's the perfect alternative to a wedding photographer, as virtual reality allows you to relive an event unlike nothing else. Many of you will have played VR video games or experienced VR demonstrations, and some of you may even own VR goggles like the Sony PlayStation VR or Oculus Quest 2.

VR technology is going through rapid development, and you can now hire a VR videographer who will use a specialised 360-degree camera to film your entire wedding from all angles, making it an ideal alternative to hiring a wedding photographer.

The great thing about VR wedding videography is that it allows people who couldn't attend, such as an old family friend or other guests, to experience your wedding as if they were actually there.

Magic Mirror Photography

A not so uncommon type of wedding photography that you'll see at many a wedding these days, and for a good reason. A magic mirror photo booth is essentially a magic mirror touchscreen interface connected to a mini-computer with booth software installed on it and a DSLR camera to take beautiful pictures.

The magic mirror doubles as the tool to take the photo and the device to get in the correct position, and you have the choice to capture portraits of landscape wedding photos. It's also the easiest way to share an image on the night, and you can even add your wedding hashtag to each picture without editing it afterward.

Usually, we think of a professional photographer as just capturing footage of our events. A mirror booth package with extras not only does the job of taking shots, but it is also fun for your guests to use, giving you an additional reason why you should go with magic mirror  hire for your wedding as it's an alternative to a wedding photographer that kills two birds with one stone.

Another good reason why magic mirror photo booth hire a good alternative to hiring a wedding photographer is that with most rental companies, you can include an onsite printer. This is ideal if you have a photo display wall or photo guestbook, where your guests can stick their photos and write a personal message for you. It also allows you to save money on printing later.

Polaroid Photography

Like a magic mirror photo booth, instant film or disposable cameras put wedding photography into the hands of the guest. You would have to hire a professional photographer to capture weddings, so it could also be seen as one of the best wedding photobooth alternatives if you'd prefer not to hire one.

It's the perfect alternative to a wedding photographer, as a disposable camera will bring out a certain nostalgic feeling that many of us may not have felt since childhood.

In the day of smartphones and miniature digital cameras with memory cards, it's easier than ever to take instant photos, but there's a certain charm about film photos that cannot be replicated in digital format. There's a level of excitement when you take a picture on a polaroid camera and await those precious seconds for it to appear on film. It almost makes the photo feel more meaningful.

The good thing about a polaroid camera is that they're very cheap to buy or rent, so you can place one on each table or a few around your wedding venue. You can also create beautiful decorative features for the venue, like a polaroid picture wall where everyone attaches their fantastic photos after printing them. And like a booth with a printer, the photos also work for a guest book.

vr headset
vr headset
instant camera wedding photography
instant camera wedding photography

GoPro Photography

You would normally associate a GoPro with action-packed scenes and adrenaline-inducing activities, not a wedding ceremony or reception, but there are several reasons why a GoPro for your wedding should be considered one of the best alternatives to a videographer at a wedding.

First and foremost, it's one of the cheapest alternatives to hiring a wedding photographer or videographer and can fit into any wedding budget. A decent videographer typically sets you back at least £2,000 for a wedding.

The results are great, but it takes money that many people on a cheap budget might not be able to afford on top of a honeymoon, professional wedding video editing, and all the other costs that come with planning a wedding.

With a GoPro, you might even own one, or you could easily borrow one from a friend, and you'll have crisp, wide-format 4k shots with steady recording.

It's also an easy way to live stream your wedding for those unable to attend. The GoPro Quik app allows you to stream any event seamlessly and discreetly without needing professional photographers to do the job.

gopro wedding photography
gopro wedding photography

Film photography

I know the title says 5 alternatives to hiring a wedding photographer, but there is something unique and irreplaceable when it comes to film photography for weddings. Many people prefer to have a traditional wedding, and keeping in line with the conventional theme is easier when you have an alternative wedding photographer taking your wedding photos and processing them from film in a dark room.

To be brutally honest, digital cameras provide better photos; the shots have more clarity, more contrast, and more sharpness. You have more flexibility with printing photos, more people can afford them, and they cost less money to run, among other benefits.

However, the ruggedness and class of a photo processed from film are more than worth the money, as it adds a particular element to the picture that can't be replicated with digital photography.

You can attempt to recreate the effect on a digital photo through filters and photo editing, and you might even get good photos, but the results are always different. It's akin to CGI as opposed to real live-action; you can always tell the difference.

There's always a higher appreciation for things done raw and authentically. So instead of looking for alternatives to a wedding photographer, you can spend a bit more money and hire a film photographer.

analogue film wedding photography
analogue film wedding photography

Image credit: Flickr | Shimelle Laine

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Frequently Asked Questions about Alternatives to Wedding Photography

Is it necessary to have a wedding photographer?

Whether or not it's necessary to have a wedding photographer is a personal choice. While expert wedding photographers can capture high-quality pictures and memorable moments, it's not a necessity.

Some real couples choose alternatives like magic mirror booths or rely on guests' photos to fit their budget. The decision depends on how much importance you place on capturing and preserving the memories of your special day.

How do you take pictures at a wedding without a photographer?

Taking pictures at a wedding without a expert photographer can be done by relying on friends, family, and guests who take pictures using smartphones and cameras. You can buy several disposable cameras for guests to take candid photos.

You can also hire a magic mirror and allow your guests to have fun while taking pictures on your wedding day.