5 cool ideas for this year's New Year's Eve celebrations


Consider magic mirror photo booth hire Manchester and these 4 cool ideas for your New Year's Eve party this year

stand-up comedian microphone
stand-up comedian microphone

Hire a tarot card reader

An idea that may come across as a gimmick at first, but there are actually several benefits to hiring a tarot card reader for your New Year's Eve party. We usually think of tarot card reading as wild predictions of our future, but a tarot card reader will often just re-enforce certain beliefs or goals you already had. They may indirectly give you an impartial view of how you should handle specific circumstances in your life, which some may find helpful.

This means that a tarot card reader is a fitting addition to a New Year's Eve party, as, for most of us, it’s a time when we set new goals and think about how we’re going to tackle the oncoming challenges of the new year.

Hire a stand-up comedian

With all the sad news circulating across social media every day, why not turn the evening into a night of joy and laughter? This act requires no props or set-up, just a stand-up comedian and a microphone. There’s nothing better for the soul than laughter, and a comedian can turn the night on its head with just a 30 minute set.

At home disco

When we think of new year’s celebrations, we think of partying and dancing, and nothing is more fitting than a disco with your family and friends. You can gain inspiration from historic New Year's Eve parties at famous nightclubs like Studio 54, and use them to apply to your own disco theme.

Why not have everyone turn up in disco outfits to make the night more fun? I’m sure no one will forget dancing the night away to Prince - 1999 - in some bell bottom pants.

tarot cards
tarot cards
stand-up comedian microphone
stand-up comedian microphone
disco ball
disco ball

Movie scene countdown

A very creative way to have everyone anticipate the midnight hour. You can invite your friends and family over for a movie night where the goal is to have the clock strike midnight at the exact moment of an iconic scene from a movie. This is a great way to keep the excitement going until midnight. Some iconic scenes to do this with would be:

  • Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Final battle where Ironman snaps his fingers with the 5 infinity stones

  • V for Vendetta (2005) - Parliament explosion

  • Back to the Future (1985) - When Marty McFly hits 88mph send to send him back to 1985

  • Jackass 3D (2010)- Johnny Knoxville sets off a detonator to end the movie

Do some test runs to make sure you sync the start of the movie so that the scene drops on the stroke of midnight.

Magic mirror photo booth hire

Last but not least. How can you have this whole night of fun and memorable events, but nothing to remember it by? Take out your video camera? Sure. A few pictures on your phone? Okay, but nothing can be as fun for both the picture taker and those having their picture taken as a magic mirror photo booth.

With photo booth hire Manchester, you’ll get a magic mirror photo booth from us that will be sure to dazzle your guests throughout the night, while also providing them with amazing memorabilia to take home.

magic mirror photo booth
magic mirror photo booth

Despite current political turmoil, high inflation and ever-increasing energy prices, it sometimes looks like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. However, many of us are on the road to recovery after difficult financial times during the last couple of years. And 2023 is bound to be a big year for a lot of us.

This gives great meaning to this year's New Year's Eve, and I’m sure many of you plan to welcome the new year in style. Hosting a New Year's Eve is always an honour. Unlike a birthday party or wedding, it’s an occasion for everyone attending to celebrate.

So if you're the one hosting a New Year's Eve party this year, consider these 5 cool ideas to go with it.