Christmas Photo Booth Hire: A Detailed Guide

12/7/20234 min read

christmas photo booth
christmas photo booth
Check out our tips for Christmas photo booth hire and how you can make the most of a photo booth at your Christmas party this year.

The Christmas season is a time of joy, laughter, and creating cherished memories. One of the best ideas to capture the Christmas spirit and create lasting moments in style is with Christmas photo booth hire.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a Christmas wedding, a private party, or a holiday party with friends, a Christmas photo booth can be a fun way to enhance the excitement at the event. Consider these valuable tips to ensure your Christmas photo booth hire is a smashing success.

xmas photo booth
xmas photo booth

Choose the Right Christmas Theme

Before diving into the details of Christmas photo booths, decide on a theme that resonates with the holiday spirit. Traditional themes like "Winter Wonderland," "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party," or "Santa's Workshop" can set the tone for your Christmas photo booth experience.

Ensure that the backdrop, Christmas props, and decorations align with your chosen Christmas theme to create a cohesive and immersive atmosphere. You can never go wrong with a package including a Christmas tree, branded prints, a Merry Christmas sign, or a snowman.

Choose a Suitable Christmas Party Venue

The Christmas party venue you choose for the evening plays a crucial role in your event's success. Choose a venue that can fit your entire family and friends while creating a fantastic atmosphere to make the best of the evening's entertainment.

Christmas photo booths
Christmas photo booths

Select a Strategic Location for the Photo Booth

The location of the perfect photo booth plays a crucial role in its success. Place it in a space with high footfall where guests naturally gather, such as near the venue's entrance or close to the dance floor. This way, attendees won't miss the opportunity to take pictures and videos during the night.

Just be mindful of the booth's placement and the venue's layout, ensuring it sits nicely in the background or a corner and doesn't obstruct the flow of movement.

A Santa Sack Full of Christmas Props

Physical and digital props are the heart of any Christmas photo booth hire experience. Provide a wide variety of Christmas-themed props, such as Santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf ears, oversized glasses, and funny logos with holiday phrases for guests to pose with and capture unique photos.

Including festive props that match your Christmas theme can add an extra layer of fun and entertainment to the experience and encourage guests to get creative with their poses and picture-taking, which would complete a worthy Christmas photo album.

Hire a High-Quality Christmas Photo Booth

A reputable photo booth hire company can provide a high-quality Christmas photo booth for hire with a top-of-the-range camera that creates top-quality images to print. A primary consideration when hiring a photo booth is the quality of the photos you receive at the end of the evening. A professional photo booth company will ensure all your Christmas party pictures look good.

photo booth hire for christmas party
photo booth hire for christmas party

Include a User-Friendly Interface

Simplicity is key when it comes to a Christmas photo booth. With everyone drinking and feeling merry, an easy-to-use touchscreen system allows guests to easily take photos and will make the photo booth more fun. Clear instructions and prompts can guide even the least tech-savvy guests through the process smoothly.

Social Media Sharing

Ensure that your photo booth includes social media sharing. This enables guests to instantly upload their festive snapshots on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, spreading the Christmas cheer beyond the event and showing everyone what a top night you put on.

Include a personalised event hashtag to gather all the shared photos in one virtual album, as well as ensure that a digital album is included when hiring your Christmas photo booth.

Include an On-Site Booth Attendant

Having an on-site photo booth attendant can significantly enhance the photo booth hire experience. Booth attendants can assist guests with using photo booths, ensure Christmas props are organised, and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise during the evening.

Their presence adds a personal touch and ensures everything runs seamlessly, providing the entertainment keeps goings. Fortunately, most photo booth hire companies include a team of booth assistants with their photo booths.

Personalised Printing

If you've included unlimited prints with your photo booth, ask the hire company to customise the print templates for branded prints with event details or a Christmas-printed border. Personalised memorabilia like these is an essential part that can make the photos even more special and serve as a beautiful reminder of weddings and other special occasions.

Plan for All Ages

Remember that your Christmas party might have attendees of all ages. Ensure your props, backdrops, and overall photo booth experience caters to children and adults. This inclusivity will ensure everyone feels involved and has a blast with the photo booth package.

Incorporating Christmas photo booth hire into your Christmas party can amplify the Christmas spirit and create memorable moments for everyone. By carefully selecting themes to decorate the venue, messages, props, and equipment while ensuring ease of use, you can provide a fun Christmas photo booth that spreads joy and captures the festive spirit of everyone.

photo booth green screen technology
photo booth green screen technology

Themed Backdrops and Décor

The backdrop is the canvas of your Christmas photo booth. Opt for backdrops and festive props that resonate with the holiday season, whether a snowy landscape screen, a twinkling lights display theme or a cozy fireplace scene.

High-quality, festive decorations complete with a Christmas tree and life-size Santa will instantly transport each guest into the Christmas spirit and make their photos and the party theme more enchanting.