The Selfie Pod vs Other Photo Booths


Considering selfie pod hire? Here's a comparison of the pros and cons of the 4 most popular types of photo booths for hire

selfie pod brings photo filters
selfie pod brings photo filters

As the popularity of selfie pod hire has grown, so have the types of photo booths that are available for hire. We’d normally associate traditional photo booths with an enclosed shell inside a shopping centre or supermarket with a stiff curtain attached, a camera inside that aligns with your face and takes passport-sized photos for ID purposes. But now you have the option of hiring a selfie pod and various booths to take super fast pictures at events.

Which booth you opt for may just come down to which one you think is more suitable for your event. A heart-shaped magic mirror or selfie pod will obviously be the most suitable choice for a wedding photo booth. But there are many pros and cons you may want to consider when looking for photo booth hire.

Magic Mirror Booth

A Supreme Photo Booths' magic mirrors could be considered the most unique booth of the four, as it’s one of the few that doesn’t appear as one at first glance.

  • Aesthetically pleasing - Magic mirror booths come in many different styles and these days you have the choice of amazing magic mirrors, from large vintage mirrors to heart-shaped mirrors, which make them suitable for many different kinds of events.

  • More versatility - You can easily use photo filters and set the booth to take photos, boomerang gifs, or animated gifs like a selfie pod.

  • Guided photos - With the large touch LCD touchscreen interface, you can see yourself when taking photos digitally, making it a great option for large group photos.

  • Easier for things to go wrong - Not so much of an issue if you opt for a reputable magic mirror photo booth providers in 2023, but the truth of the matter is, the more moving pieces you have, the more chances there are of something going wrong. Compared to a selfie post, mirror booths are made up of more electronic devices which all need to work in sync for it to work.

  • More difficult to use - With modern software for digital photos, it’s become a lot easier to operate magic mirror booths. But while enclosed booths or selfie pods can normally go unmanned, it’s best to employ an attendee to assist with the use of a mirror for unlimited photo for a guest book.

  • Longer Set up time - Magic mirrors are made up of more pieces, therefore, they longer to set up and take down. This may be a consideration for events with tight schedules.

Selfie Pod

The most common type of selfie pod is an iPad enclosed in a bespoke casing or a ring light on a stand.

  • Cheaper to hire - Selfie pod hire provides the simplest form of a photo booth. There are no additional devices or features needed for it to take pictures. For this reason, they tend to be in the cheapest booth hire packages.

  • Fewer requirements - A selfie pod doesn't require a power source, so you can put them anywhere inside your venue's floor space. They also require the least time to set up.

  • Ease of use - iOS booth apps work very well on iPads, and since most people know how to use a tablet, there’s no need for an attendee.

  • Picture quality - The picture quality that a selfie pod brings doesn't compare to other booths which use DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

  • Lacks aesthetics - Generally much smaller and simpler than traditional photo booths, this makes them less visually appealing.

  • Lacks extras - A selfie pod is normally an unmanned photo booth, which may not include extras like a guest book, double prints, or the ability to leave a text message.

Enclosed Photo Booth

The classic enclosed photo booth. For millennials and older generations, It’s something that pretty much all of us have used at one point in the past. There are also other types of traditional booths that exist today too, such as tuk tuk photo booths or 3-wheel vans.

  • The most reliable - Tried and tested functionality. Enclosed photo booths have been used for decades and have been fine-tuned, making them ideal for instant prints, for a guest book, or to making boomerang gifs.

  • Most consistent for pictures - Every aspect of an enclosed photo booth is designed for taking photos, which means the lighting, exposure, focus and distance are all perfectly measured for every photo.

  • Most privacy - Classic photo booths are fully enclosed unlike an open-air selfie pod, which gives them the most privacy out of all photo booths for hire.

  • Much larger size - Whether it’s a tuktuk or traditional booth, they all need a lot of floor space to manoeuvre, which may make them incompatible with many venues.

  • Limited group numbers - Enclosed photo booths have limited space for groups.

  • Not understated - An enclosed booth, due to its size, can often be an overbearing feature inside many venues.

Retro Photo Booth

Retro booths, also known as vintage photo booths, usually come as a sleek wooden box on a wooden tripod stand, made to resemble old Victorian-style cameras.

  • Coolest design - Probably the sleekest and most stylish photo booth next to a selfie pod, a retro booth will sit nicely inside a wedding and make a positive impact on the venue's décor.

  • Highest quality photos - A retro booth hire company will usually fit them out with high-spec DSLR or mirrorless cameras. And unlike a magic mirror, there’s no extra layer between the lens and the object of the picture.

  • Better quality service - You’ll often find that many retro photo booths are offered by professional photographers where as a selfie pod isnt. This means that you’ll usually receive high-quality service when it comes to actual photography.

  • Not as suitable for large events - This can vary depending on the rental company, but generally speaking, they’re not as fast to use as a selfie pod or enclosed booth.

  • More event specific - The old retro style is cool, but might not fit into the theme of many events, like kids' parties. The wooden box and tripod durable.

  • Limited lighting - A vintage booth normally comes with just a flash, which is great for picture taking, but if there’s not much ambient light around or inside the venue, you may require exterior lighting like LED lights.

Final Thoughts

This is just a general view of how selfie pods compares to other popular photo booths. Hopefully, this article helps with your decision in choosing selfie pod hire.

selfie pod photo booth
selfie pod photo booth