The spice magic mirror photo booth hire brings to your party


Spice up your party with magic mirror photo booth hire and impress your guests

magic mirror photo booth
magic mirror photo booth


Parties and celebrations in general are occasions people have enjoyed since the dawn of mankind. With every passing generation, we try to think of new ways to add something unique and memorable to our parties.

One thing many people like to do when organising parties today is add elements that allow us to look back on the event once it's over, and reminisce on how good the night was. So these days, it’s not uncommon to see a hired photographer or videographer at a party, capturing all the special moments and interactions between guests.

The Photo Booth

A new trend or some would say - phenomenon, that has gained rapid popularity over the last decade or so, is photo booth hire. Unlike a regular photographer, a photo booth allows guests to involved in the picture-taking themselves. With cool interactive software installed on stylish photo booths, guests can have fun with other guests, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Types of Photo Booth

Common types of photo booths for hire that you’ll come across are standard booth cabins that you're used to seeing in a local supermarket or shopping centre. You’ll also find stand-alone photo booths, as well as tuk tuk and 3-wheeler van photo booths. Some may just be as simple as an iPad attached to a ring light with some dressing around it to make it look appealing. These are known as selfie photo booths or selfie mirror booths.

Magic Mirror Photo Booths

The most ideal photo booth to hire today is a magic mirror photo booth. With a photo booth magic mirror, you have a two-way mirror panel that doubles as a tool which allows guests to pose and see how they look, while their photo is being taken.

It’s also a great addition to any event whether it's a birthday party or corporate event, as the large mirror panels are fully digitised, making them fun and intuitive to use.

Another great thing about magic mirror photo booth hire is that these photo booths are aesthetically pleasing. We often look for ways we can enhance the backdrop of a party venue, especially when it comes to bare-bone venues like a marque or inflatable igloo. A magic mirror photo booth is something that will greatly add to the atmosphere of the venue. They give the space a more premium look, making your jobs easier when considering what to include for your décor.

Photo Booth Tech

When looking at technological development, the magic mirror photo booth has come a long way over the years, especially when it comes to other features you can combine them with. A magic mirror photo booth can incorporate the highest quality DSLR and mirrorless cameras, which will allow you to take amazing photos that a smartphone isn't capable of.

With these advanced cameras, you can connect them wirelessly to advanced dye sublimation printers from DNP or Hiti which will provide your guests with amazing quality photo prints in a matter of seconds. Along with the advancement in photo and print technology, photo booth software is also highly technical. Companies such as Photoboof, DSLR Booth and Darkroom Booth develop photo booth software capable of uploading photos directly to cloud folders, as well as emailing them to users who input their contact details.


If you’re pondering magic mirror photo booth hire for your party, keep in mind that the best photo booths are normally booked up months in advance. So securing a photo booth early on in your party planning stage would be a good course of action.