5 amazing benefits of onsite photo printing for photo booth hire


Onsite photo printing for magic mirror photo booth hire: Read this article for a breakdown of 5 amazing benefits

wedding photo booth
wedding photo booth

A feature that is pretty much self-explanatory. Onsite printing for photo booths is the process of printing photos at the event as they’re taken by guests. This has become a lot easier today, with the development of fast and compact dye-sublimation printers like the DNP DS-RX1HS that provide guests with great photo prints in seconds.

Here’s a low down of 5 amazing benefits of onsite printing for magic mirror photo booth hire.

It’s more convenient

Long gone are the days when you’d take a roll of film from an analogue camera down to Max Spielmann to have it processed into photos for a physical photo album. With onsite photo printing, there’s no faffing about. You and your guests receive photos there and then.

The great thing is that most magic mirror photo booth hire services that offer onsite printing will include unlimited prints, so your guests can get the photos they want, while you can get a copy of each photo taken on the night.

The prints are of great quality

As mentioned, you’d be receiving high-quality prints. With the new generation of DNP dye-sublimation printers, their print technology seals the ink into the specialised printing paper. This means that there is no drying process for the prints. As soon as they leave the printer they're already protected against smudges, UV and running.

they have the ability to print great quality photos that will not only look great but stand the test of time. It’s not just a picture for picture's sake, it’s a quality product that you’d expect to see from a professional printing company.

They offer versatility

I would say you’ve already reached a decent level of versatility if you have the ability to print photos onsite with your magic mirror hire. But an onsite printer offers more versatility from the mere fact that you’re able to print photos of various sizes with just the click of a button. You can easily print 6x4” photos to fit the average picture frame, and with another click, print 4 passport sized photos for keychains. An additional benefit of DNP dye-sub printers is that they will even cut the photos to size upon printing, so you can put them straight into a frame or keychain.

4. High speed printing

You might wonder how an onsite printer could work with a magic mirror photo booth, as if you’ve ever come across a photo booth at a previous event, you’ll know that it’s a feature that is always extremely popular. You don’t need to worry about foot traffic with dye-sub printing. The DNP DS-RX1HS printer takes a mere 13 seconds to print one photo. At that speed, by the time one guest has taken their picture and printed it, the booth and printer are already ready for the next guest to use. There’s practically zero waiting time in between.

5. Use for other features

One of the best benefits of onsite printing for magic mirror photo booths is that it contributes to your event in more ways than just providing photos. Besides the versatility of printing passport sized photos for keychains and other types of photographic memorability, you can use the printed photos to create decorative features inside your event space as well as it being another element for your guests to participate in.

Create a photo guest book for your wedding for guests to stick their photos in and leave a message for the newlyweds. Other features like photo display walls are easy to set up, and can be done while your event is taking place. If you get creative you can add things like fairy lights to make it stand out. Each time one of your guests takes a picture they can print it and stick it to the display wall, which will create a beautiful collage of photos by the end of the night