Five ways photo booth mirror hire boosts brand marketing


If you're looking for photo booth mirror hire, read this article on how a magic mirror photo booth will boost brand marketing for corporate events.

magic mirror photo booth at corporate event
magic mirror photo booth at corporate event

Conferences and corporate events are about touting your product and inserting yourself into the immediate social sphere while simultaneously providing entertainment and fun to keep all guests and customers engaged. Even if you're hosting a corporate event just for employees and corporate stakeholders, finding valuable forms of entertainment, such as live performances and interactive picture-taking, can give your event the boost it needs to provide you with a stronger foothold in the industry.

Magical mirror photo booths probably sound like something that would have little impact on marketing; however, there are many highly effective benefits to hiring a magic mirror booth to boost branding marketing for a new business. From interactive and social games to entertaining voice guidance and a sleek design, this article will discuss the latest technology in a mirror booth and what corporate photo booth fun can offer your business.

What is a Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

First and foremost, we need to establish what a mirror booth is and what it does. Unlike traditional enclosed photo booths and even more common booths, like retro or selfie booths, a magic mirror booth - also known as a selfie mirror booth - utilises a unique two-way mirror with software and an interactive touch-screen. One side of the glass has a full mirror effect, while the other is entirely transparent, allowing the camera behind it to take photos.

Reputable magic mirror manufacturers, like Pilkington, have developed high reflectivity magic mirrors integrated with these digital touch-screen displays, which are placed in a mirror frame with a DSLR camera and lens, Windows or Mac-based photo booth software, and a flash to allow guests to take amazing full-length photos.

A magic selfie mirror setup is much more compact than a traditional photo booth, allowing increased maneuverability while providing high-quality photos. The benefit of magic mirror hire is that booths are customisable, which makes them ideal for any event, from a corporate event and works-do to a wedding or birthday party.

How will a magic mirror photo booth boost brand marketing?

They're fun to use

In order to capture the attention of potential customers and create brand exposure, it is essential to entice them with engaging and enjoyable features. Magic mirror hire is a great way to engage with customers as it's something they'll enjoy using without feeling that they're being sold to.

Encountering a large mirror explicitly designed for taking pictures is a rare occurrence. This ignites curiosity, leading customers to engage in discussions about it. They'll quickly learn how fun and interactive selfie mirrors are, encouraging patrons and guests to create images.

This can incentivize customers to revisit your business in the future, knowing that enjoyable features like magic mirror photo booth hire are not just a means to sell products.

They can display company branding

A significant amount of time in marketing is invested in exploring various approaches to present and display company branding. You have all the conventional forms of physical marketing, such as billboards, banners, and posters. However, these are all briefly glimpsed at before people shift their attention to other activities.

The best selfie mirror software can apply branding to photos and prints. That means you can add a watermark of your logo, a personalised message, or any other type of branding or message you want to add to each print.

You can also include optional extras, such as branded backdrops and personalised photo booth props, a printer with unlimited photos, or a guest book. This significantly contributes to brand marketing, as your company's branding is not only visible to individuals at the venue but also in the photos captured using the magic selfie mirror.

Pictures and animations made on selfie mirrors are keepsakes guests can look back on for years; therefore, even though your brand may not be the primary focus of the photo, it will always be visible to anyone viewing the picture. In marketing, visibility is key; any avenue where your brand can gain free exposure is considered worthwhile marketing.

They provide free social media shares

It is common knowledge that most pictures taken these days are promptly shared on social media platforms. This is no different when it comes to magic selfie mirrors. For many individuals, when they capture a fabulous memento, the instinctive urge is to share it on social media quickly.

This is ideal when choosing magic selfie mirror photo booth hire for marketing purposes. Magic mirrors come with high-spec DSLR cameras. These cameras produce significantly higher-quality images than the latest iPhone or any other flagship smartphone, increasing the likelihood of people sharing them.

If you've included a custom backdrop with your magic mirror booth, branded animations, or personalised photo booth props, your corporate event will reach a wider audience through social shares.

They can be used to offer incentives

While most users are likely to share their selfie mirror booth pictures regardless, a highly effective approach is to incentivise users to share the magic mirror photos on social media that feature your company's branding.

You can offer promotional discounts or other money-saving concessions that your guests and customers may find valuable.

One key reason you can succeed with selfie mirror photo booth hire is that people are more comfortable sharing on social media. Since the pictures feature themselves rather than solely focusing on your company's brand or products, there is less hesitation to share.

They can collect customer data

You might have already heard the modern saying that "data is the new currency," and an ever-growing number of business owners are acknowledging its importance. Most companies find it tough to survive without establishing an online presence, and your ability, or lack thereof, to reach your potential customer base could make or break your business.

There are numerous methods to acquire customer data, but the most effective approach is when customers willingly provide it. This can be achieved through website subscription pop-ups, YouTube interactions, podcast subscriptions, or any platform that aligns with your strengths and capabilities.

One of the challenges businesses encounter today is the highly competitive nature of online marketing. Acquiring sufficient online visibility to capture significant attention can be a daunting task. That's why leveraging all available options provides the best opportunity for success.

By opting for selfie mirror photo booth hire, you can access one of the most compelling features for gathering customer details at corporate events. This method stands out because it involves an incentivized request. Customers and guests must input their contact details to receive full-length photos, videos, and animations they've taken.

Another compelling reason why selfie mirror booths are ideal for corporate photo booth hire is the high level of customisability offered by the software they utilise. This means, along with contact details, you can create your own mini-questionnaire for the prints to be sent. Additional queries such as location, age, and "Where did you hear about us?," could benefit future marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions about Magic Mirrors

Does a magic mirror print photos?

A magic mirror booth is capable of printing photos onsite. It combines the functionality of a traditional photo booth with a reflective mirror surface. Users can interact with the mirror, and once they have taken their pics, they can print them immediately on an external printer connected to the booth.

What is better, a photo booth or a magic mirror?

The choice between a traditional photo booth and a magic mirror depends on various factors and preferences. Both options have their own unique features and benefits. Traditional booths provide a classical experience in an enclosed booth, while a magic mirror booth utilises the latest technology to offer an interactive and engaging experience.

Additionally, there is a notable difference in aesthetics between the two options. Traditional booths often have a more straightforward box design, while a magic mirror booth typically boasts a sleek and modern appearance in a standing frame. The visual appeal of the magic selfie mirror can contribute to the event's overall aesthetic, particularly for weddings and birthday parties, and serve as an attractive centrepiece.

magic mirror photo booth
magic mirror photo booth
magic mirror photo booth at a festival
magic mirror photo booth at a festival

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