Exciting magic mirror photo booth hire ideas for props, backdrops and other visual features


Create an awesome magic mirror photo booth hire experience by considering these exciting ideas for props, backdrops and other visual features

photo booth props
photo booth props

So, you've already chosen magic mirror photo booth hire for your event, You have the venue, and you have the booth, but you're wondering how you can transform a good magic mirror photo booth hire experience into a great one.

Hiring a magic mirror photo booth is obviously not something you do every day, so any touches you add, to create a better experience would surely be worth it.

In this article, I'll throw out some ideas for props, backdrops and other visual features that will enhance your hiring experience.


There are lots of exciting magic mirror photo booth hire ideas for props. If you've ever been to an event with a magic mirror, you'll likely have used some props yourself. You have your typical cowboy hats and oversized sunglasses, but here are some you could include that would add more excitement.

Themed props

Use props that match your party theme. For example, if you're having a beach party, use beach-themed props like surfboards, shells and palm trees. Likewise, love hearts and "I love you" signs for weddings or chainsaws and witches hats for Halloween.

Personalised props

Add some personalised touches to your magic mirror photo booth with custom props like nameplates. For a wedding, for example, you could use a nameplate like "Jamie & Rachels wedding". logos and signs or hashtags work well too. This is a great way to use magic mirror photo booth hire to promote brand awareness.

Oversized props

Oversized props are ideal with magic mirror hire for a couple of reasons. They give a really specific look to your event and will have everyone in a fixed position, which would mean better quality photos.

Oversized props you could use that look great are things like antique sofas or balloon styling features.

Photo booth props
Photo booth props

Image credit: Flickr | Wynberg Media


There are a bunch of fun things you can do with backdrops when you hire a magic mirror photo booth. They're not only fun, but they also help you to take great-quality photos. Here are a few ideas:

Custom-printed backdrops

A printed backdrop is the backdrop that you'd normally see being offered by a magic mirror photo booth hire company. You'll usually have the option of a bunch of themes to suit your event, from balloons for a birthday party and roses for a wedding to snowfall for a Christmas party and teddy bears for a baby shower.

With a custom-printed backdrop, you can print whatever backdrop you want. Sometimes it works better when you're a little more specific. You could print backdrops that are relevant to your event or your family, or that have a little more flair, like a city skyline or beach scene.

They’re also a great option for magic mirror photo booth hire when it comes to brand marketing as your branding will appear in every photo taken on the magic mirror photobooth.

Physical backdrop

Whether it's a physical backdrop or a printed one, they both do essentially the same job. The difference with a physical backdrop is that you have something that adds more clarity and punch to the background of the photos.

A few good options for physical backdrops could be flower walls, leaf walls or something a little more rugged yet simplistic, like an exposed brick wall.

Open-air backdrop

Sometimes with open-air photo booths like a magic mirror, it’s best to have an open-air backdrop. You may ask, what is an open-air backdrop? It’s essentially just using the environment as the backdrop.

Whether you should choose an open-air backdrop or a printed/physical backdrop depends on the environment of your event venue. If you’re in a scenic location then an open-air backdrop could be the best option.

A great location for an open-air backdrop could be 20 Stories restaurant in Manchester where you have amazing 360-degree views of the city of Manchester. If you’re looking for magic mirror photo booth hire in Sheffield then Bramall Lane could be the perfect venue for an open-air backdrop, as you have the iconic Sheffield United football pitch in the background.

photo booth backdrop
photo booth backdrop

Other visual features

Let's just call other visual features anything that isn't a backdrop or prop that can enhance your magic mirror photo booth hire experience.

These are some things that may not come to mind when we think of visual magic mirror photobooth hire ideas but can be a huge plus if they're included.

Neon sign

Neon signs can be a game-changer for any venue. They add a certain, je ne sais quio, to the décor that gives it a stylish Soho feel that immediately makes you feel like you’re in a trendy bar.

If you’re looking for magic mirror hire in Manchester, you can check out The Alchemist on New York street which has a huge neon sign as the logo. There, you’ll truly see the value of what a neon sign can bring to your event venue.

The beautiful glow effect of a neon sign would draw attention, and it would also add a nice touch to the background of your magic mirror photo booth pictures with custom neon signs like relevant phrases or even symbols like angel wings and a halo.

Glam photo booth

A glam photo booth is the one feature on the list that will change how your magic mirror photo booth produces pictures. This is something that would have to be offered by a magic mirror photo booth hire company like Supreme Photo Booths, as not all hiring companies have the equipment to make this work.

With a glam photo booth, you’d have professional studio lighting with a bespoke photo filter that applies a skin-smoothing effect to your photos, usually in black and white. This is what gives the photos a Hollywood glam style.