Magic mirror photo booth hire: 5 awesome optional extras


If you're looking magic mirror photo booth hire, consider these 5 amazing optional extras to enhance your experience

photography backdrop
photography backdrop

Hiring a magic mirror photo booth is top of the list for many people planning events. Whether it's a wedding, kids' birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, magic mirror photo booths suit all occasions. It adds a fun aspect to picture-taking and video messaging, and you can create all types of media, from full-length photos to animations.

When considering magic mirror photo booth hire, you can enhance the experience and make it a better fit for your event by adding a few optional extras that most hire companies will offer with a magic selfie mirror. Some extras include a guest book and props like oversized glasses.

Here are 5 optional extras you should consider including with your magic mirror photo booth.


Most of us would associate a photo booth with an enclosed booth to take physical photos, usually for passports and other forms of identification. However, the term has now evolved into basically a photographic device that takes pictures in a fixed setting.

Most magic mirror photo booths come as open-air selfie mirrors situated in the corner of a room and people take photos in front of it. This is fine for most people, and there's no problem with that, but giving it an enclosed feel can produce better-quality images.

From a technical standpoint, a backdrop will provide more light reflection, adding more light to your photo, creating a better-quality image. It also eliminates distractive objects in the picture, so the mirror will just focus on the subjects in the frame. And you can usually choose from several styles to suit your event's theme.

Photo Prints

With the introduction of digital photography, digital photo albums and cloud storage, it's almost a lost tradition the process when you'd bring your camera's film reel to Jessops or Max Spielmann to have your photo negatives developed to put in a photo album.

A magic mirror photo booth hire company can usually include an onsite dye sublimation printer to print each snap as they're taken on the selfie mirror. The great thing about dye sublimation printers is that they produce incredibly high-quality and durable prints that last for decades. Guests love them at all our events, from weddings and corporate events to children's parties.

Additionally, time isn't sacrificed at the event to achieve high-quality prints. The printer just pops them out in seconds, so there's no waiting around each time a picture is taken and printed. This makes selfie mirrors with printers ideal for events like trade shows, product launches, or large weddings and corporate events. Even with high foot traffic, there's no delay with the service, and everyone guest has the chance to print a fabulous memento.


You could say that printed photos come under this criteria, but with magic mirrors, I think it's pretty apparent that you'd want to keep the photos you take. With memorabilia, I'm specifically referring to keepsakes like photo booth keyrings and photo guest books. Some magic mirror photo booth hire services offer extras like these.

A dye-sublimation printer connected to a selfie mirror has the capability to print passport-sized photos, which can be placed into personalised photo booth keyrings by a photo booth team, and given to guests during the event.

Magic mirror guest books are also a great extra to include as well. At Supreme Photo Booths, we can include a personalised leather photo album or a more traditional guest book, which can be filled with 100 photos from your wedding or birthday party.

Inflatable Photo Booth

Backdrops offer the effect of an enclosed magic mirror when looking at the snap, but are still essentially open-air magic mirror photo booths. Including an inflatable tent with your magic mirror hire, you can erect an inflatable dome inside your venue, which you'd place the selfie mirror inside.

This would benefit many types of events, especially those with a lot of guests and foot traffic, as it's easier to isolate the picture-taking. The privacy allows for more intimate and carefree use as well. Guests can pose while using it, and the magic mirrors touch-screen. And you can also have the tent lit up with LEDs, making it a cool decorative feature for your venue along with the magic mirror.

Photo Editing

There are many reasons why people choose magic mirror photo booth hire. They're fun, look unique, and add a nice touch to the backdrop of any event, like a wedding, birthday party, or disco night. But the main reason why they're hired is to take pictures of guests.

Some magic mirror photo booth hire companies will have a professional DSLR camera installed inside the selfie mirror. These will typically achieve greater results straight out of the box than you'd get with your average phone, but adding clarity and punch to the colours with professional editing software will make your pictures look even more spectacular.

Ask your hire company if they offer photo editing with a selfie mirror hire package. It may be for a limited number of photos depending on the cost of the package, as it takes a lot of work to edit photos. Still, it's an excellent extra to include with selfie mirrors, as you'll surely want your guests to receive the best quality photos possible.

Things to Consider

Selfie mirror hire is the ideal feature to make your event fun and memorable. All guests loved playing with the touch-screen glass and taking snaps with our oval-shaped magic mirror hire. Here are some things to remember when researching magic mirrors for your next event:

Ask about mirror packages

You can save a lot of money with selfie mirror hire when you choose a hire package that includes printing, props, and access to more photo templates.

Choose extras wisely

Some selfie mirror hire companies provide a standard guest book for pictures, but it may be preferable to choose one that guests can sign to leave a personal message.

Choose your magic mirror wisely

A magic mirror comes in all shapes and forms. Some may allow you to create animations on the booth. In addition to animations, you can also use the magic mirror at parties to share photos to every mobile phone with a QR code on the touch-screen, obtain guests' contact details for marketing, or allow them to sign the screen with a special message.

Make sure you have a booth attendant

Most selfie mirror companies provide attendants with magic mirror rental to ensure everything runs smoothly with the mirror screen.