Photo booths: A guide to 8 styles of media they offer


Read this blog for a guide to 8 styles of media that you can use with photo booth hire

photo booth
photo booth

Photo booth hire today is a prerequisite for any event. But did you know that there are actually different types of photo booths for hire? Or more specifically, the styles of media that a photo booth can produce. That’s right – depending on your event, there may be a specific type of photo booth that would be perfect for you.

In this blog post, we will explore 8 styles of photo booths so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your event. From traditional photo booths to those that offer GIFs and even video, there is sure to be a style that fits your needs. Read on to learn more!

What is a photo booth?

The traditional photo booth was a coin-operated box with a camera and instant film printer. These photo booths were typically used to produce photos for passports and other types of identification. Customers would sit inside a small enclosure with a seat and curtain for privacy. They would then view themselves on a screen inside the booth before confirming the photos to be printed.

With the photo booths for hire today, customers have the option of hiring many open-air booths such as magic mirror photos booths, retro photo booths and 360 booths. Unlike in the past, these new types of photo booths are used more for recreation at events.

Most photo booths now utilise a digital camera instead of the old film processor. This means that in addition to photos, with photo booth hire, you can now create many different styles of media, such as gifs, slow-motion videos and green screen.


There are many different styles of photo booth media that exist today, but there's only one original style, and that's the photo.

Traditional photo booths from decades ago used photos, and nothing has changed. This is still the most popular style of media that photo booths produce. And whether you choose magic mirror hire or another type of photo booth, all of them are capable of producing great photos.


GIF photo booth hire has become extremely popular over the last decade. They offer a snippet of a story in a very small file by combining frames into an image, allowing the motion to be viewed in a text conversation. Magic mirror hire is a great choice for those wanting to use gifs as they have a large screen that will display the gif once you've taken it.


Boomerangs are a type of photo booth that allows you to take pictures of yourself and your friends while in motion. The pictures are then stitched together in a similar way to gifs, but a rewind effect is added to make it look cooler. They are perfect for group photos or action shots, and can even be used to capture candid moments.


Slow-motion photo booths provide a unique way to capture moments, that is unlike any other photo booth style of media. Slow-motion photo booths take footage at a slower frame rate, allowing you to see all the details of the action. You can see your friends and family in a new light- literally by catching people in mid-air or with food flying out of their mouths to capture special moments, but without all the chaos.

Green screen

A green screen photo booth is a type of photo booth that uses a green screen background to allow guests to take photos in front of a variety of different computer-generated backgrounds. This is done by placing a green screen behind the photo booth and then using special software to superimpose different backgrounds onto the photos. This allows guests to apply different backgrounds to their photos, including beaches, cityscapes, mountains, or even outer space!

Green screen photo booths are perfect for any event. If you're in a venue that leaves a little room to be desired on the décor side of things, or you'd just like to have something a little more interesting, green screen photo booth hire is the way to go.

360 video

360 video, also known as a 360 photo booth, is a style of photo booth that has exploded in popularity recently after it was featured in a couple of Hollywood red carpet events. It uses a unique swing mechanism to capture videos from a perspective that is different to any other photo booth for hire.

The first major difference is that while all other photo booths are stationary tools, the camera of a 360 photo booth moves while it's in use. The camera sits on a motorised arm attached to a circular platform, guests then stand on the platform and the camera revolves around them to make the video. This then creates a sleek and showbiz like video to give your event a Hollywood feel.


The celebrity photo booth was made popular in the mid 2010s by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Photos are given a dreamy like black and white skin smoothing effect, that regardless of age, will make everyone in the photo look perfectly photogenic.

The popularity of this style of photo booth media has become more popularised by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin who had one featured at their wedding. There are now rental companies that offer celebrity photo booth hire throughout the UK.

Flip book

Flip books are one of the oldest forms of photo media. They use a sequence of images to create the illusion of motion, similar to how a film reel works. Traditionally, pictures from a photo booth were printed and placed inside each page of a book which you could then flip to create the motion effect.

With the current photo booth software that most photo booths are installed with, you can create a digital flip book effect with a small video file.