Magic mirror photo booth vs 360 photo booth


Magic mirror photo booth hire or 360 photo booth hire? Here's a comparison between two of the most popular photo booths for hire

magic mirror photo booth
magic mirror photo booth

With all the advancements in photo booth technology, we now have a multitude of options to choose from for all types of events. From corporate events to New Year's eve parties, you'll easily find a photo booth for hire to suit it.

You have tuk tuk photo booths that can easily sit as a decorative feature on their own in a venue. Likewise, a retro photo booth offers a sleek look that makes it very appealing beyond its use as a photo booth. So you already have a number of reasons why you should hire a photo booth.

Two of the most popular photo booths you’ll come across today are the magic mirror photo booth and the 360 photo booth. Two completely different types of photo booth both in look and function, but both are highly sought after for events.

Which photo booth you choose to hire between these two largely comes down to preference. But in this article, we’ll highlight some of the key differences to make your decision easier.

The Setup

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

A photo booth magic mirror is a piece of glass that acts as a mirror on one side, while the other side is transparent. The mirror is designed as a touchscreen LCD panel. This is then placed inside a structure with a mini-computer. A camera sits at the top section, connected to the computer along with the LCD panel. The user then utilises the touch screen panel with magic mirror photo booth software to take pictures and videos.

360 Photo Booth

A 360 photo booth is a circular platform with a motorised arm attached to a railing at the base. The arm is fixed with a camera, phone or iPad that revolves around the subject to take a 360-degree video. It’s a revolutionary way to make videos at events and is something you’re more likely to envisage seeing on a Hollywood movie set.


Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The magic mirror photo booth is without question, the more versatile photo booth for hire. It is a multifunctional photographic device, giving you the option to take photos, videos and gifs. You can also apply cool effects to your photos and videos directly at the booth.

360 Photo Booth

360 photo booths are strictly for making videos since the camera is in motion when it's active. If you hire a photographer or have instant cameras available at your event, then hiring a 360 photo booth may be the best option for you as it will complement the photo photography.

Ease of Use

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

With straightforward magic mirror photo booth software from the likes of RightBooth and dslrBooth, all one has to do is press a couple of options to take photos or videos. There is no need for any setup or adjustments to settings, the LCD panel and the computer all work in conjunction with each other to make it easy to use. You can easily email the photos or videos to your email after they’re taken.

360 Photo Booth

A 360 Photo booth is not a self-serve photo booth, meaning that 360 photo booth hire companies will provide an attendee to take the videos for your guests as you can't take a picture while standing on the platform. They will also assist with emailing videos to your guests or sharing them directly on social media. This is sometimes done directly on the iPad if that's what's being used to make videos. If they're using a DSLR camera then it'll most likely be connected to a laptop.


Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Due to its versatility, a magic mirror photo booth can work with a number of extras, such as photography backdrops as well as green screen backdrops, which provide additional fun.

Manchester photo booth hire can also include onsite photo printing and memorabilia like photo guest books and keychains for photos to go inside. This is ideal if you've hired one for a wedding as it's always a time when there's a lot of picture taking, and with onsite photo printing, guests get to take pictures home.

360 Photo Booth

A rental company offering 360 Photo booth hire in Manchester can usually supply things to enhance the quality of the videos it takes. Features such as LED strobe light stands in the background can give the videos a more Hollywood feel.

You can have your own logos and messages watermarked on each video taken, as well as branded boards to surround the photo booth which would be visible in the background of each video. This would be ideal for corporate photo booth hire as it’s an easy way to maintain brand visibility.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for magic mirror photo booth hire because you like the mirror feature or hiring a 360 photo booth works better for you because you prefer a little showbiz at your event, they’re both amongst the best options for photo booth hire today.

There’s no better way to take photos with your friends than with a magic mirror photo booth, while the unique functionality and engaging nature of a 360 photo booth would provide hours of fun for guests in attendance.