The Rise of Celebrity Photo Booth Hire


Celebrity photo booth hire has become the new must-have party accessory. Here's an in-depth look its rise and how you can hire your own

Make your next event one to remember with celebrity photo booth hire! But, hold on... You must be wondering what celebrity photo booth hire actually is, and why would you choose it over normal photo booth or magic mirror hire. Does it include actual celebrities? Will it make you famous? Well, not quite.

In this article, we'll discuss how celebrity photo booths came to be, and why it would be a good choice to hire one for your next event

Where can I find a celebrity photo booth?

Looking for a reputable photo booth rental company that offers celebrity photo booth hire is not as difficult as it may seem. As I mentioned in a previous paragraph, a celebrity photo booth can be provided with magic mirror hire, selfie mirror hire or any other photo booth that you choose for your event. So make sure to ask your hire company if they offer this service with their booths.

Another option is to search online for “celebrity photo booth hire” or “red carpet photo booth rental.” This will bring up a list of companies that include celebrity photo booths in their services.

You can also find a company that offers celebrity photo booth hire by asking around at events that you have attended in the past. If you know someone who has hired a photo booth for an event, they may be able to recommend a good company.

Finally, you'll need to do a search for reviews of different companies online. This will give you an idea of what other people have thought about the celebrity photo booth service they received. In a previous article on our blog, we explained in more detail, what things you should look for when choosing your photo booth hire company.

What is a celebrity photo booth?

A celebrity photo booth is a great way to make your event photo booth photography extra special.

In 2013, the Kardashians introduced a photo booth into the mix of their lavish annual Christmas parties. These photos were your average above-the-shoulders group shots that you'd see in a normal photo booth, but with one difference, they were black and white, and everyone looked flawless. Okay, two differences then.

Photos have a black and white skin smoothing effect, so regardless of age, everyone in the photo would look perfectly photogenic.

The popularity of this style of photo booth grew and later on you'd see other celebrities applying the same effect. Most notably Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid at her birthday party as well as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin at their wedding.

After this, celebrity photo booth hire spread rapidly across the United States, and in the last couple of years has been available in cities across the UK like Manchester, Sheffield, London and Birmingham.

Why choose celebrity photo booth hire?

There are many reasons to pick celebrity photo booth hire for your next event. Here are just a few:

The Hollywood look

Celebrity photo booth transforms your photo as if it came straight from a Hollywood red carpet event

Blemish free

As well as creating a Hollywood look, a celebrity photo booth smooths out any blemishes. So no need to worry if you woke up with a breakout.

Works with any booth

Whether you've gone for magic mirror hire or any type of photo booth, a celebrity photo booth can be applied to any booth.

Compliments photography

if you've hired a wedding photographer or you have another type of photography at your event, a celebrity photo booth will compliment your photography with an alternative look.

You don't have to choose

Celebrity photo booth hire doesn't have to be a choice. if you hire a magic mirror photo booth from us, we'll include the celebrity photo booth along with the original pictures from the photo booth.