How does an open air photo booth work?


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open air photo booth
open air photo booth

Say goodbye to bland, traditional photo booths; open-air photo booths are taking the event scene by storm, capturing memories in a way that's not only fun but interactive and highly creative.

But have you ever wondered how these sleek machines work? From touch-screen displays to high-quality cameras and lighting systems – we're about to take a deep dive into the mechanics of open-air photo booths. 

What is an Open Air Photo Booth

An open photo booth is a type of photo booth that is not enclosed. That may sound obvious, but we've historically used enclosed booths inside supermarkets, photo processors, and, on the odd occasion, arcades.

Enclosed photo booths are generally stationary, whereas open-air booths are portable. For that reason, it's common to see open-air photo booth hire at events such as weddings and birthday parties.

How does an open photo booth work?

The way an open photo booth hire works is essentially the same as an enclosed one, except this time, you're out in the open. Open photo booths for hire today can be one of several photo booths, such as a magic mirror or selfie pod.

Guests stand in front of it and use the photo booth software to take pictures with the camera installed in the booth. Like enclosed booths, an open photo booth hire company can include an onsite printer for instant prints while taking pictures.

Benefits of an Open Photo Booth

Better for group shots

Space in an enclosed booth is limited. An open photo booth hire can get much more guests in the photos at events.

They look great

Not only will your friends enjoy them, but they add sleekness and style to the backdrop of an event venue that will be a big talking point throughout the evening.

They're easy to use

Some open booths come as a magic mirror with a large digitised screen. This means it's easy to see your prints and the gallery of an event party.

They're interactive

This is a big advantage for events as a guest can access an online gallery to see every picture taken at the event.

They normally come with an assistant

Most photo booth hire companies include a booth attendant for events to ensure everything runs smoothly and there are no issues with the booth or onsite prints.

You can include extras 

Photo booth hire often comes with props to add to the experience, but you can also add an onsite printer with unlimited prints and other features to add to the style of the venue.

Best Booths for an Open Air Photo Booth

Certain types of photo booths are more suitable as open photo booths. Here are some of the best booths for an open booth:

Retro photo booth

These are some of the most popular in the UK. They fit perfectly well into a rustic or traditional wedding venue. You'll often see a backdrop come with a retro photo booth.

Magic mirror photo booth

Magic mirrors are the most interactive booth for photo booth hire. The large mirror screen is the perfect addition to an event venue or wedding reception.

It stands out, and the large display makes it easy to take a picture.

This is also ideal for guests to see the photos and the gallery in real-time. And you can easily connect an onsite printer for print-outs.

Selfie pod

A selfie pod or magic selfie mirror is a simplified booth. They're typically no-frills, using an iPad as the interface and the camera.

You'll often see backdrops come with selfie pod photo booth hire, and the easy-to-use photo booth software makes it easy to access the online gallery for a party or wedding.

open air photo booth
open air photo booth


An open booth is a great way to capture beautiful memories for any occasion, from weddings to birthday parties and all other events.

With its easy setup and customizable features, you can create unique and fun photos that your guests will love on your big day.

From choosing the right background and props and adding unlimited prints to deciding on a filter or effect or including bespoke packages, an open-air photo booth offers endless possibilities that are sure to make your event even more special.