5 photo booth hire extras that will enhance your hiring experience


If you're looking for Manchester photo booth hire, here are 5 extras that you can include to enhance your hiring experience

balloon styling
balloon styling

With magic mirror photo booth hire, most rental companies usually offer a number of optional extras to enhance your hiring experience. These are typically extras such as onsite photo printing, backdrops, props and memorabilia like photo guest books and keychains.

These extras work well with any magic mirror photo booth hire experience, but if you’re looking for a little extra or something a bit more bespoke to make it extra special, then you might have to source your own extras if they’re not on the list of what your photobooth hire company has to offer.


Backdrops are a great addition to magic mirror hire as they isolate the picture taking, which is ideal if you're venue has a noisy background. Most magic mirror photo booth hire companies will offer photography backdrops to compliment your photo booth.

These are usually generic types of backdrops to suit a wide range of events. You’ll often see flower backdrops for weddings, balloon backdrops for birthday parties or spooky pumpkin head backdrops for Halloween parties and so on.

You can get really creative by ordering your own custom-made backdrop with a personalised message or printed company branding. Your magic mirror photo booth hire company can bring the stand and you can bring your own backdrop to fit it.

Photo display walls

This is an emerging feature that you may have seen at a recent wedding that you’ve been to. A photo display wall isn’t something that will put a dent in your wedding budget.

You can easily make one in 10 minutes for next to nothing, without any technical ability at all. Many people use an old pallet with drawing pins or an unused mirror frame with strings tied across in rows to hang up photos with pegs.

A photo wall display wall is a great feature to have, as with onsite photo printing for magic mirror photo booths, you can print any photo in seconds, and then your guests can hang them up on your photo display wall.

It’s nice to have everyone involved in creating this beautiful feature. By the end of the evening, you’ll have a beautiful array of photos for everyone to look at.

Personalised Photo Guest books

Like backdrops, a photo guest book is likely something that your rental company for magic mirror photo booth hire can supply for you. But if you have more of an acquired taste, or you prefer to have something that's a little more unique, you can source your own photo guest book to compliment onsite photo printing.

The good thing about a personalised photo guest book is that you have more options on how to customise it. For example, instead of just a personalised message, you can have the entire cover printed with a picture of your choosing. There are also more options when it comes to dimensions, style and paper quality.

Sites like papier.com and rosemood.co.uk offer great options when it comes to personalised photo guest books.

photography backdrop
photography backdrop
photo display wall
photo display wall


Photo booth props make an already fun feature even more fun as people can play around with them and take silly photos.

Everyone has seen the magic mirror photo booth pictures with blow-up cowboy hats, guitars and pink sunglasses. There are a bunch of generic photo booth props that you’ll see available with magic mirror photo booth hire. But you can make it more interesting and relevant to your event by buying your own cheap props.

Some good props you could include are personalised message boards. Something like “Lisa and John's wedding” or “Rachel’s 18th birthday” would work well. You can also have things like small company banners made which would be ideal for corporate events.

Balloon Styling

Balloon styling has rapidly grown in popularity, and for good reason. It’s a unique and cost-effective decorative feature that can turn any bland venue into a magical set fit for a celebration. Whether you choose magic mirror photo booth hire or not, it’s a great feature to include either way.

Reputable balloon stylist hire services will provide a balloon feature that, if set in the foreground of your magic mirror photo booth camera, would look great in the background of your guest’s pictures. This would also make it a great alternative for a photography backdrop.

balloon styling
balloon styling

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