5 Halloween photo booth ideas for your party


Here are some ideas for Halloween photo booth hire and how you can make your 2024 Halloween party extra special and frightening.

halloween photo booth props
halloween photo booth props

Halloween parties have become more popular than ever, and Halloween 2024 will be no different, especially with many party planners adding Halloween photo booth hire to their parties.

Halloween is a unique occasion unlike no other. It's the only event where the more scarier the theme, the more fun we have. A Halloween event can get super creative with a special character theme, unique pumpkins, and a custom background. And all guests attending are typically happy to get involved with how they dress.

Halloween photo booths can add style and excitement to your next Halloween party. Whether you want spooky Halloween party ideas or to give them a creative touch to intrigue your guests, we'll break down five decorative ideas for your Halloween photo booth.

Halloween Music and Smoke Machine on Arrival

There's no better way to set the tone of your Halloween party than with a spooky entrance. Running a playlist of some of the most iconic horror movie theme tunes like Michael Myers' Halloween and The Exorcist, whispering from a Bluetooth speaker in the corner of your garden will surely arouse some frightening childhood memories for your friends and family.

Add a smoke machine into the mix to have mist drifting across your driveway that can be seen in the background of your Halloween photo booth photos.

Put a Dead Body in Your Driveway

No seriously… Nah, I'm just kidding! You can make your own fake dead body using some old clothes stuffed with other old clothes and a pair of shoes. Place it by your driveway door with the shoulders underneath it, splash some ketchup or red dye on the door, and now you've got the perfect dead body decoration for Halloween events.

If you've not got a driveway, you could make a dead body, wrap it in plastic and dump it in your bathtub or shower cubicle for everyone to see when they go to the bathroom.

Create a Halloween Silhouette

I'm sure most of you have seen the scary stabbing silhouette scene from Psycho. It's one of the best decorations to turn your house into a haunted house, as guests and little ones arriving at your home can see it illuminating from a distance.

You can easily craft your silhouette with a cardboard cut-out by your bedroom window with some colourful lighting.

haunted house photo booth
haunted house photo booth
haunted house halloween photo booth
haunted house halloween photo booth
halloween photo booths
halloween photo booths

Buy Halloween Potion Bottles

You can't host a Halloween party without drinks, so why not make them one of your Halloween decorations with some potion bottles? You can buy potion bottles or quirky beer bottles with promotions on Amazon. Prepare your cocktail mixes to fill them with, then print some custom Halloween labels to stick on them.

Cocktail blood bags and shot syringes are some more cool features to include on your drinks menu. These can be sourced for next to nothing on eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Halloween Photo Booths

How to make a photo booth for Halloween?

Creating a Halloween photo booth is a thrilling way to capture the fun and fright at your Halloween party. Begin by crafting a backdrop that embodies the Halloween night, such as a haunted house, eerie graveyard, or apocalyptic hospital.

Craft some Halloween photo booth props, ranging from witch hats and vampire capes to ghostly masks and a zombified wedding dress. Set up ample lighting to achieve the perfect eerie and elegant ambiance, ensuring guests' ghoulish attire is showcased vividly in the venue.

Incorporate a user-friendly camera and a touchscreen display like an iPad for easy operation, and consider offering instant prints or social media sharing for your friends and family to show off your Halloween party.

Combining these elements with creative decorations and a touch of Halloween magic, creating a photo booth experience that captures the imaginations and memories of all who dare to participate.

How do you make a Halloween photoshoot?

Here are some party ideas you can include for a Halloween photoshoot with Halloween photo booth hire:

  • Hallow photo booth props and decorations

  • A suitable Halloween party venue

  • Halloween costumes and makeup

  • A professional camera for the Halloween photo booth

  • Lighting with style

halloween spooky photos
halloween spooky photos

Hire a Halloween Photo Booth

There is no Halloween photo booth without Halloween photo booth hire. Including a photo booth is one of the best Halloween party ideas. Once the photo booth is set up in your Haunted house venue, guests can pose in front of the booth's camera and take spooky photos throughout the night.

We can all agree that whenever you see a mirror in horror movies, it's usually never a good sign of what comes next. You can create a similar effect with Halloween photo booth packages by adding props like caution or hazard tape and cobwebs.

In addition to adding it to the venue's backdrop, photo booth hire Halloween will capture high-quality images that you can post on social media directly from the photo booth or collect the photos with on-site printing.

Halloween photo booth props

Halloween party ideas with a photo booth must include Halloween photo booth props. This can be props such as spooky messages on a board, a Halloween-themed backdrop, and a range of other fun Halloween photo props guests can use to pose in Infront of the photo booth mirror to take pictures.

Many Halloween photo booth hire companies will include Halloween photo props with the photo booth.

halloween photo booth props
halloween photo booth props