Top 5 Halloween events in Manchester for 2023


Whether it's Halloween In The City or Halloween Horror Night, this article we'll breakdown the top 5 scary and fun Halloween events to attend in Manchester for Halloween 2023

Halloween ghosts
Halloween ghosts

Ghost Hunt - Ordsall Hall - Salford

Stretching back over 800 years to the 12th century, the once Tudor mansion is filled with centuries of history. Later being converted to a local museum in the mid 1970s, there have been many reports of eerie happenings and unusual sightings over the years. This has given Ordsall Hall a profound reputation for a place with great paranormal activity, making it the perfect location for an overnight ghost hunt.

On the Ghost Hunt at Ordsall Hall you have the options of an array of experiments such as table tipping, ouija boards and dowsing rods to encourage the presence of the dead.

Halloween Spooky Weekend - Chorlton-cum-hardy

Halloween Spooky Weekend is a 2-day festival held by CMM Theatre School at St Clements Church in Chorlton-cum-hardy. The theatre school provides an abundance of activities for kids, from arts & crafts, baking and games to slime workshops, Halloween disco and even spooky yoga.

This is one of the best Halloween events in Manchester and there is more than enough activities to fill your child’s needs for Halloween 2023.

Halloween Horror Night - Stockport

Experience a night of terror and fun at Stockport’s annual Halloween Horror Night. If you plan to go all out with your Halloween costume this year, then this is one of the Halloween horror nights in Stockport and Greater Manchester for Halloween 2023. With prizes to be won for the best costumes, you’re bound to be surrounded by realistic yet terrifying Halloween costumes.

Halloween Immersive Cinema Scare - City Centre

This all-in-one immersive Halloween horror night might make you not want to go home after it’s finished. The hybrid show uses real-life actors to bring cinema to life in the most terrifying way. At the Halloween Immersive Cinema Scare, you’ll experience your most feared horror movie characters up close and personal while watching classic horror movies.

Halloween in the City Festival

Halloween in the City Festival in Manchester has grown to be one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the country, and for good reasons. The festival organisers provide an immersive city-wide setting for Halloween, unlike no other city. Inflatable monsters peaking for rooftops of buildings around the city centre symbolises Manchester’s playful nature on these types of occasions.

For Halloween in the City Festival 2023, a host of frightful events will take place. You'll welcome the terror at the Welcome the Monsters Processions while bumping into horrifying monsters roaming the streets of Manchester City Centre. In Exchange Square, you can learn facts about real-life monsters, and also visit the great Carnival of Monsters fairground on New Cathedral Street.

Let's start off by saying that the tradition of trick or treating will never die.

For many of us, some of our fondest childhood memories were dressing up in a Dracula outfit or with our faces painted like a ghost while holding a basket and walking door to door to hoard sweets and chocolate. Guaranteed, we’d feel sick by the end of the night, but it was all worth it.

Nowadays, besides trick or treating, there are many ways to enjoy Halloween festivities in Manchester for children and adults alike. You have the option of well-organised ghost hunts, spooky Halloween tours as well as full-on Halloween festivals organised by the local authority.

In this article, I’ll breakdown the top 5 events in Manchester for Halloween 2022.


For anyone in Manchester or planning to visit, you won’t be short of things to do for Halloween 2023. If you’d rather do your own thing, you can always host your own Halloween party. There’s an abundance of things you can do to make it as fun as any professionally organised event, such as making your own fake dead bodies, along with playing Halloween music and smoke machines. Make sure to look for magic mirror photo booth hire Manchester to hire your own Halloween photo booth.

Regardless of what you do for Halloween, make sure you have a safe and fun time.