5 Reasons Why Magic Mirror Hire is Perfect for Your Wedding


Considering magic mirror hire for your wedding? Here are 5 reasons why a magic mirror is the best accessory for your wedding.

Wedding toast
Wedding toast
  1. Convenience

If you've planned to include a photo booth at your wedding venue or any other event, you will have looked at the options for the type of photo booths that are available for hire. You'll likely have come across the standard enclosed photo booths, but these can be cumbersome to move around and don't look particularly pleasing to the eye.

Another option that is quite popular for people on a lower budget, is a DIY photo booth. This normally involves utilising an iPad installed with photo booth software as the interface, and the iPad's camera. It's then kitted out with a stand and some props to make it look like a real booth. This option can work perfectly well if you're creative and have time.

The main drawbacks of DIY booths are that it's difficult to give them a professional and clean look, compared to what you get with magic mirrors. Not to mention, you'll be limited in some of the things you can use to enhance the experience, like the quality that a DSLR camera provides or unlimited prints.

By choosing Supreme Photo Booths mirror hire, you'll have everything in one place. The mirror, the touchscreen interface, the computer, and the camera are all installed in one device. A photo booth hire company can also provide all the other features you might want to include, like photo prints, backdrops, a guest book, and wedding photo booth props.

  1. Aesthetics

Any physical feature you consider adding to weddings and other events, you'll want to enhance the look of the venue, rather than be an eyesore for everyone in there. This is exactly what magic mirror photo booth hire will add to your wedding venue. You no longer have to sacrifice form over function as you did with old photo booths which were often bulky and looked just like the booths you'd find in your local supermarket.

A magic selfie mirror like our oval-shaped magic selfie mirror looks amazing in the backdrop of wedding receptions or any other events like engagement parties, Christmas parties, or corporate events. The great thing about them is they come in different forms, like a heart or antique mirror which fit in perfectly with a wedding theme.

They can even be used as a display panel to show a custom message for your next event.

  1. Ease of use

Your wedding is a special occasion that you want all the people you've invited to have the most amazing time. That means, providing them with great food and service, and fun activities for them to enjoy until the night is over.

With features like a photo booth, you don't want to hire anything clunky or complicated to figure out how to use, especially since many guests will have downed a few drinks before they decide to take pictures.

Providing magic mirrors with software that is simple to use with the least amount of steps to take great photos, will save time and effort. Magic mirror hire is the ideal solution for these occasions, as the large touch panels are attached to computers installed with easy-to-use photo booth software like RightBooth, allowing everyone to take great pictures.

  1. Quality

Whether it's in print or digital format, there's no point in taking photos if the results aren't good. A good magic mirror photo booth hire company can normally provide a magic selfie mirror package that includes a high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera, as well as premium dye sublimation printers to produce the best quality printouts of the photos your guests take.

  1. Fun

Besides high-quality photos, you want your guests to actually have fun using the booth. A magic mirror photo booth has a two-way mirror that looks just like a normal selfie mirror, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes that creates this fun feature. With the mirror side, guests can play around with their look, while using the large touchscreen panel to capture the moment, making it a great alternative to hiring a photographer.

wedding magic mirror photo booth
wedding magic mirror photo booth


So, if you've been convinced to go with a magic selfie mirror booth hire for your event, regardless of where you are in the country, a quick search for wedding photo booth hire near me will bring up numerous hire companies in your local area to supply you with a magic selfie mirror photo booth and everything else you'll need.

Frequently asked questions about magic selfie mirror hire

What is a magic mirror?

A magic mirror is a photobooth with a camera behind a digitised two-way mirror that people look into to take photos. It's the perfect addition to an event such as a birthday party, engagement party, children's parties, or corporate events.

What is Magic mirror technology?

Magic mirror technology is a technology that gives a mirror a two-way effect that gives one side a mirror effect while the other side is transparent.

How much is a magic mirror photo booth to hire?

You can expect to pay between £200 and £500 for magic selfie mirror hire for events like weddings, birth parties, or product launches, depending on the extras that you include with it.

What is the cheapest magic selfie mirror hire in Manchester?

The cheapest magic selfie mirror hire you'll find in Manchester is about £300 for 3 hours of booth time. Depending on the magic selfie mirror hire company, this can also include onsite prints.